The Guilt Free Sexy Revival

By Amanda Testa April 27, 2017

Are you tired of always being last on your list?  Are you ready to feel like yourself again? 

You know, that flirty, sexy, vibrant, radiant version that’s just a bit dusty after a few years of kids, parenting, no sleep, constant care giving, and work?

Yes, she’s still there Mama. 

Let’s revive that woman with these 5 guilt free, simple techniques!

1. Create time. Make time for you a priority. What can you say “NO” to? What can you delegate so you have more time for yourself? Eliminate the things that you don’t feel a full body “YES” to, so you can make time for yourself.  Creating time for self-care is essential to feeling sexy.

2. Start a Pleasure journal. Pay attention to the things that bring you joy!  For many of us moms, we totally numb out to what we enjoy, as   we are so focused on taking care of everyone else.   Write down the things that make you feel good.  Experiences you enjoy.  The beautiful things you see.  When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt? What were you doing? When was the last time you had amazing sex?  What smells good?  What tastes good?  What sounds do you enjoy?  What kinds of things feel good on your skin?  What are you grateful for?  When you enjoy something – take note! 

3.Get Sensual.  Sensuality is all about basking in your senses.   Take time to revel in each of your senses.  Grab something yummy to eat. Put it on a pretty plate; enjoy the smell and the taste of the food. (leftover mac n cheese from your kids plate doesn’t count)  Listen to music you enjoy, fill your space with scents you love, things that feel good to touch, and spend some time enjoying your senses.  This is so nourishing to the nervous system, and so powerful in bringing back pleasure.

4.Bring back Desire.   Do you have a pulse on what you want?  Take 10 minutes and write down everything you want, from small to big.  Don’t edit yourself; just let it flow.  Most of us are so busy helping everyone else in our family we don’t even know what we want, so tapping into this is key!  Then take one small thing from that list and make it happen.  Maybe it is to take a nap  - enlist the help of a sitter, grandparent, or friend and make it happen for yourself!

5.Shower yourself with Love. This simple ritual of self-care is so powerful!  Shower and dress yourself in in something that makes you feel good.  Even if you are just taking your kids to the park.  Investing that loving kindness to yourself is a beautiful start to embracing your sensual, sexy self.  When bathing or showering really feel gratitude and love for your body and all it does for you, tapping into this can really help you feel sexier in your skin.  Even just touching your face with kindness does so much good for the nervous system.  Instead of slapping on the lotion after you bathe, really enjoy the process, sending love to your body along the way.

Start your revival by integrating one or 2 of these simple practices into your life, and feel like a woman again.  You will reconnect to that vibrant sexiness inside of you. 

You are a better mother, partner, and friend when your cup is full. Everyone benefits.

Amanda is a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach who works with moms to reconnect to their sexuality after kids. Find Amanda at or on Facebook at Find Your Feminine Fire Group.